Next Salon: 

Notes from my Sister’s Suicide by Jyl Lynn Felman
directed by Rosalind Thomas-Clark
Sunday, April 14th, 3:30-6:30
Fort Point Room, 290 Congress St
Boston, MA
Suggested donation: $10 at door

About the Salons: In 2016-2017, TC Squared launched a new program: our Playwrights’ Art Salons, which presented six full-length plays by writers from our PlayLab as public table readings in its inaugural year. After each reading, we solicit feedback from the audience to help develop the play further.

After the success of our first year, we have decided to make our Art Salons an ongoing feature! Before each Salon, we ask our playwrights to talk about their plays and the writing process. See the videos below for more!

2017-18 Playwrights’ Salons:

Sophia Koevary on Dropout.

Katelyn J. Hill on Nightflyer.

Manuel Aquiles López Torres on Morir Soñando.

Mary M. McCullough on Ballahoo in the Hair Kitchen.

Erin Lerch on Crossing Flight: a tale of the post-apocalypse.

2016-17 Playwrights’ Salons:

Mary M. McCullough on A Fine and Dangerous Country.

Jecenia Isis Figueroa on Marriages, Mentiras, & Mantras.

Erin Lerch on Grounded: a post-apocalyptic tale of flight.

Christina Chan on Stir Frying Mahjong.

Fran Da Silveira on Heritage Hill Naturals. Full production forthcoming May 2018 from Fresh Ink Theatre!