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The playwrights gather at Ros’s kitchen table each Saturday morning to write and read each other’s pieces, to find comfort among her plants and the courage to write these stories. Do we work on what is safe or do we take risks? Do we reveal something wild, unstable, even crazy? These questions are not as obvious as they may seem. Taking risks means just that: it means being not “nice”, not “feminine”, not “safe”.

Is there sympathy, humor, pathos in these characters? Or do we shrug them aside as “crazy”? Is the protagonist in all of us, or is it unique to this character? This moment?

Plays aren’t built in a day. They are cobbled together by questions, doubts, and determination. They stumble and get rebuilt in the hands of actors and directors. And then we go back to Ros’s kitchen table and start again… – Marty Kingsbury, TC Squared Dramaturg

Interested in writing plays or screenplays?

Join our weekly Playwrights Lab, which runs for two eight-week “semesters” in the fall and spring.  Develop your work and see it come to life with professional actors in our Staged Reading each May at the Boston Playwrights Theatre.
Interested in joining us? Please contact Ros Thomas-Clark

Marty Kingsbury, Dramaturg

My relationship with TC2 started by chance. I ran into Ros one afternoon at Porter Square Books. She had her grandchildren with her, didn’t have time to talk, but on the fly she asked: “Are you a good dramaturg?” Naturally, I said, “Yes.”

The playwriting workshop, however, did not happen by chance. It was an idea that Nikki Prefontaine and TC Squared had been working with for many years, and in September 2013, it started with five playwrights. We gathered around Ros’s kitchen table. We read. We improvised. We talked. And when there was time, we wrote together. Revisions emerged with ideas that I never would have imagined. Each and every playwright is in each and every play disguised as an idea, a fact, a design, a character, or a new point of view.

What we present is the beginning of a journey, the germination of scenes that will grow into larger, more complicated plays. Keep an eye on us.



In September 2016, TC Squared started a Directors Lab under the leadership of Ros Thomas-Clark. Working in conjunction with the Playwrights Lab, the directors study their craft while having the opportunity to work closely on new scripts with the TC Squared playwrights. The Directors Lab runs concurrently with the PlayLab in the spring and fall. Opportunities for lab participants to direct arise throughout the year with the Art Salon Table Readings and the New Plays Festival. Theatre visits to local productions are a part of this lab with interesting discussions and feedback from all participating. If you’re interested, please contact us.


Playwright Salon

directed by Rosalind Thomas-Clark
Sunday, April 14th, 3:30-6:30
Fort Point Room, 290 Congress St
Boston, MA
Suggested donation: $10 at door