Our role is to mentor Boston-based artists and reach diverse audiences. We want to challenge opinions and push artistic boundaries through socially relevant theatre.


Artistic Director Rosalind Thomas-Clark was a founding faculty member at Boston Arts Academy from 1998. She is now Theatre Faculty Emeritus, and serves on the Board of Advocates and on the Board of Company One Theatre. The vision of TC2 has been developed through the artistic vision of the Executive Board of former BAA Alumni. Over the past six years, TC2 has worked with over 100 former students of BAA, as well as other Boston-based artists, in labs, readings and performances. Our Honorary Board comprises members of the artistic community including directors, teachers, playwrights, actors and administrators. Many members of TC2 have joined Company One’s Professional Development for Actors class, co-taught by Rosalind Thomas-Clark and Victoria Marsh.


• Boston Arts Academy – Resident Playwright John ADEkoje
• Company One – Artistic Director Shawn LaCount
• Boston Playwright’s Theatre – Director Kate Snodgrass
• Arts and Business Council – Executive Director Jim Grace
• WHAT (Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre)
• Continuum Dance Project – Director Fernadina Chan
• YWCA Central Square
• Marty Kingsbury, Playwright & Dramaturg
• Victoria Marsh, Director and Theatre Consultant
• Susan Werbe, Producer (Crossing Flight), Executive Producer and Dramaturg (The Great War Theatre Project)
Dunamis – Executive Director Jay Cottle
• Central Square Theater – Lee Gardner and Deborah Wise

TC Squared is always reaching out to other Boston artists and to Boston Arts Academy alumni. If you are interested in our mission and would like to become involved – actors, musicians, teachers, playwrights, stage managers, directors, designers, producers, administrators, fundraisers… PLEASE CONTACT US


Following the success of the past nine years of new voices in our Staged Readings, TC Squared once again provides a platform for local playwrights to develop their work under the guidance of Dramaturg Marty Kingsbury. THE NEXT STAGE each May showcases some writers who have been working with us for several years. This year we are again presenting 6 full-length Table Readings of new plays – the result of past work developed in our Playwrights’ Lab.
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The Launch of TC Squared

…the night proved to me that theatre here in Boston is not dying, but paused on the brink of a delightful rebirth…I must give some recognition to these enthusiastic young practitioners. In every case, the material chosen was solidly original, contemporary, witheringly honest yet laced with bubbles of laughter—and every one of them ready to take the stage in final production. In every aspect, vitality and professionalism went hand in hand.Larry Stark